Yes. The emergency medical alarm pendant has two-way voice capability. If the pendant is on your person and you push the emergency pendant button you will be immediately connected with a 24/7 central station operator and get the
assistance you need, no matter where the base console is located.

Absolutely. All you have to do is plug it in to a telephone jack and A/C outlet. The medical alarm base unit is delivered to you pre-programmed. The 24/7 central station phone number is aready stored in the main console so that the station is automatically dialed when needed. Even the wireless emergency pendant comes to you pre-enrolled so that it will work with the main base console with the simple push of a button.

Yes. Two double A batteries are located in the main base unit of the medical alarm system. These will supply power to the unit should your home lose power. The back up battery should last for a minimum of 24 hours in stand by mode. The medical alarm communicates with our central station by sending a signal over your phone line. Power to phone lines are backed up by large telephone company transformers and therefore they as well will maintain power in the event of a neighborhood wide power outage.

Yes. The wireless emergency pendant components are protected by a durable plastic shell which should allow the unit to continue to operate even if the medical alarm pendant is dropped, smothered, sat on or exposed to water or sun light. It is protected by IPX5 which will provide additional water resistance allowing for shower usage.

No. The wireless emergency kit comes with two standard lithium rechargeable batteries and only one is required to power the wireless pendant at any given time. The other can be used as a fully charged spare waiting to be used.

The total line of sight range to the wireless emergency pendant is approximately 600 feet. The system is designed to cover the size of an average home and will even communicate with the base unit from your front and back
yard. The range is easily verified with audible confirmations.

SafeTech medical alarm system has received ULC and CFA approval and it complies with Industry Canada and Part 15 and Part 68 of FCC rules.

Medical Alarm Information

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