Medical Alarm Systems

Medical alarm and emergency response systems are incredibly important tools that keep seniors safe in their own homes. Having push button access to two-way communication with a central monitoring station at all times provides confidence and peace of mind to seniors, those with medical conditions and their families.

medical alarm systemsA personal emergency response system can be the difference between falling in the shower and lying there in pain for hours and falling in the shower and quickly receiving medical help from a team of professionals. It can send help on the way before the situation gets worse, and save your life or the life of a loved one.

SafeTech’s medical alarm systems offer the best range in the industry and allow for communication within many hundreds of feet from the base station in your home. This means you won’t just be covered inside your house, but you’ll be covered in the backyard, driveway and garage as well. This level of coverage gives seniors the confidence to live their daily lives as they see fit knowing that SafeTech’s central monitoring station is just a button press away.

Medical Alarm Services Offer Safety

These medical alarm systems are easy to use and affordable tools that allow seniors to live independently in their own homes. Many family members and seniors themselves worry about performing day-to-day activities in and around their homes in fear of a medical emergency, slip, fall or worse. With a personal alarm system, this is no longer an issue. With one button push you will immediately be connected to our central monitoring station who will be able to help.

Personal emergency response pendants are compact, lightweight and waterproof so they can be worn almost anywhere. They can be carried in your pocket, worn on your wrist or neck and you can even take them into the shower! This means you will be protected by a central monitoring station wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. A medical alarm can certainly save your life, so you’ll want to keep it close by at all times.

If you worry about your health and safety or the health and safety of a loved one and are unsure about being home alone, a personal medical alarm is the solution that will increase your confidence and give you your life back. Personal medical alarms offer quick and easy communication with a central alarm monitoring station at all times, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Medical Alarm Offer

Safetech Alarm Systems also offers emergency medical alarm wall communicators. These devices can be mounted to any wall and allow for two-way communication during an emergency. Placing one on a nightstand, in the shower or near a staircase can certainly save a life.