Medical Alert Systems

medical alert systemsSafeTech Alarm Systems offers medical alert and medical emergency systems that ensure you and your loved ones remain safe, secure and independent.

Medical alert and personal emergency response systems are critical tools that provide seniors confidence to continue living their daily lives safely. With a medical alert device from SafeTech Alarm Systems, you’re always a button push away from emergency help.

Many seniors and families worry about staying at home alone for any period of time. With a medical system from SafeTech, you can ensure that help will be on the way in the case of a medical emergency or other problem. Seniors no longer have to worry about their safety and they can stop living in fear.

Medical Alert Systems Equal Independence

SafeTech medical alert pendants are lightweight, compact and waterproof. These medical alert emergency response pendants can easily be carried in your pocket or worn around your neck or wrist. This medical alarm pendant keeps you a simple button push away from two-way communication with SafeTech’s central alarm monitoring station, 24 hours per a day, 7 days per a week.

Our emergency systems have the best range in the industry and they allow for instant communication from anywhere in the home. They’ll even work in your driveway, garage or backyard. Plus, the emergency alert pendants are waterproof so they can be taken right into the shower!

We also offer wireless emergency wall communicators that can be mounted on a wall to provide permanent communication services should an emergency occur. These can be placed on a bedside table, in the washroom or anywhere else in the home to provide additional peace of mind.

Medical Alert System For You

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